Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Patron saint of blog: G.K. Chesterton

I have done volumes of research. In the first year, I read more books (on autism) than I had read in my entire life total! This was a Ma set on finding answers. In my own "little professor" way, I looked for my intellect to guide me rather than my heart.

First mistake...

Like it or not, your total unconditional acceptance will do more to help your child, I believe, than any amount of expensive therapy. You DO have to work with your child, like you would if you had a physically handicapped child... But these little guys and gals are very sensitive to your feelings, believe it or not. If you are a basket case, mourning the "death" of your idea of a perfect child...I mean, imagine someone wanting to have a perfect spouse, and then they got YOU, and felt they had to spend all their time and money trying to change you into the perfect spouse...How do you suppose you would feel? Before you had your nervous breakdown, wouldn't you say, "Aw, who gives a hoot...You can take your ideas and put them where the sun don't shine, buddy!" But our kids don't have that choice. They are stuck with us, and as much as they depend on us to love them unconditionally, how can we let them down? Unless, of course, our needs are more important than theirs...

So...Grow up! You're stuck with each other, and the sooner you learn to accept it, and ENJOY it...The sooner you can get on with your real life. And you will be surprised at the monumental gains your child will make when you stop looking at him like a freak and start loving him as a child. No amount of therapy is going to make your child perfect, so get over it...Or the amount of therapy they will have as adults to try and replace you with their idea of a perfect mother or father is going to cost you BOTH emotionally and financially, since they have been told for years they are incapable...

Sorry...Didn't mean to hurt you precious feelings....

Uhm...Maybe I need to chill a little.

So anyways...Gilbert Keith Chesterton is the patron saint of this blog. That's with a small "s", as he doesn't get a holy card. Maybe I'll make one for you to download, not sanctioned by the Catholic Church, mind you, so no Mafioso types need to show up at the door. Back from that tangent...G.K. Chesterton grew up in England and at age 9 was taken to a "brain doctor" because, I guess, he was "different" big a sin in those days as it is today. He was the slowest child in his class, and refered to education as " the period during which I was being instructed by somebody I did not know, about something I did not want to know. " Sounds like a recipe for ADHD today!! In high school, he and some friends developed an underground newspaper. When the administration finally caught up with them, a teacher recognized Chesterton's formidable talent, and he went on to become a formidable writer in the early part of the twentienth century.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton is also the patron saint (with a small "s") of my son Ben, to show it pays to be "different". But Ben is going to be a famous inventor, something he has been recognized for since 1st grade.

So don't cry for me, APA!

(_Autobiography_, by G.K. Chesterton and many of his other works can be found at for NO CHARGE!!!)

Spell-check says I am okay, so this post is outta here!!!!!

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