Friday, March 31, 2006

When the student is ready...

The teacher's come...

Yesterday, I was wondering if there were examples of "aspies" and "auties" and "adders" and all...people who had never recieved any therapy at all.

Somehow it has lead me to this ring of sensible people.

Read this tale...I find it beyond fascinating. It's about an "aspergerian" who quietly passes as "normal". It's remniscent of being "in the closet", if you know what I mean...And the links are phenominal. It's going to take a while to peruse them. My hubby doesn't understand.

And this brilliant mother, who discovered, after leading a happy and successful life, that her son had a label (helpful teachers) and she probably would have had one, too, even though she skipped two grades. Having come from a family of "little professors", I wonder about myself...

This is not "Oh, poor little angels" type crap.

It's ADVOCACY for the atypical.

Something tells me that society has a big problem with people who are not sheep. Kind of a "dangerous minds" type of deal. I'm serious...There are lots of people who are supposed to just accept whatever kind of treatment society decides to bestow on them (blacks, gays, foreignors, poor, homeless, women, handicapped...). Lots of this mean-spiritedness comes about not because of evil outright, but because of ignorance and apathy. It's just easier to dismiss, or not to turn a blind eye. So those marginalized get ticked and get uppity, and the "haves" try to silence them even more. It's DANGEROUS to threaten the status quo.

These people are stopping the madness that parades itself as love and caring. Opportunism...many people are getting names for themselves and their "snake oil cures", while abuse is deemed acceptable.

This website has to be a labor of extreme love, and the creator must know great peace knowing she is helping to change the world. But she's just a drop in the bucket against the advice of "professionals".

My mind is headed in a totally new direction. It's my heart that led me there.


Bonnie Ventura said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words!

May I add your blog to my list of recommended sites?

r.b. said...

Wow, Teach, that was quick!!!!

You may add me to your list of recommended sights, but you might refer to me as little "Grasshopper".

Sorry....Really, I'd be honored!

Bonnie Ventura said...

Thanks -- I'll add a link to your blog when I do my next updates on Monday!

maddi said...

the parts that really contect with me are the dangers of challenging the status quo...and the abuse peolpe go through as a postal worker for 19 years, a substitute carrier, I find that the cute little blondes that have 6 months seniority geet all sorts of hours, as managemant favors the point that i still only work 1 day a week, and than they wonder why people snap...I have a family too, and a lot of what you have said here relates to may areas..thanks..madison

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