Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stages of Grief

I'm awaiting permission from the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross foundation to link to her "selected quotes" page.

We've all heard of her stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

In my estimation, it wasn't her best work. I always had a hard time determining the difference, EXCEPT for acceptance. That one is precise...

But her quotes page, accessable from this link, is phenominal. And quite biblical, actually.

If allowed, it would probably be the best words written here, and the most persuasive regarding "accepting" and not "curing" our children. Maybe I'll swing a prayer up to Saint Jude...


Bonnie Ventura said...

Another blogger just wrote a very good post about this subject, in which he revises the list somewhat:

Autism and the 5 stages of grief

The author writes that he seeks "to present an alternative to these 'default' stages that treat an autism diagnosis as a devastating loss with a series of steps that parents can take to fully understand their situation and go beyond mere acceptance."

r.b. said...

Finally getting around to this.

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