Thursday, May 25, 2006

Family Values...revisited

Thanks to Bluejay Young's comment from ballastexistenz's post

Bluejay Young Says:
That child lived and died within a few miles of the town where we were born, the place we mean when we say “home”. I did a little digging and found this.

Well, read Bluejay's link. Katie McCallon's Grandfather gives a heartwarming story. Katie will be profoundly missed.

Somehow...his link served as my muse, and I am thankful to him.


OHANA: from Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Lilo: [Nani is taking Stitch outside] He was an orphan and we adopted him! What about o'hana?
Nani: He hasn't been here that long!
Lilo: Neither have I. Dad said o'hana means family.
[Nani stops]
Lilo: O'hana means family. Family means...
Lilo, Nani: ...nobody gets left behind.
Lilo: Or...?
Nani: ...or forgotten. I know, I know. I hate it when you use o'hana against me.

(Emphasis mine)

It was just a kids why did I cry when I heard this part when I took Ben to the Disney movie a few years back? And I asked him, today, what was that word that meant family, from "Lilo and Stitch", and he says "Ohana".

"How do you spell that?" I ask, so proud of his remarkable memory!

"O-h-a-n-a." he says, matter of factly.

"How do you know THAT?" I enquire, amazed.

"It's on the back of the kleenex box..." he says, undeterred from his program.

And sure enough, there it is.


That's the family values I'd like to see more of. Maybe that's too much to ask these days...


Kristina Chew said...

More than sadly, and in despite of every effort for awareness and understanding. I feel we must keep at it, that every small effort counts.

Though we haev yet to see the movie, Charlie has always had an affinity for Stitch. My sister has sent us a couple of books, soundtrack, stuffed Stitches and he always takes to them.

Pretty fitting Ben got "Ohana" from the back of a Kleenex box.

Jannalou said...

In the Firefly episode "The Message":

Tracy: When you can't run, you crawl ... and when you can't crawl, when you can't do that...
Zoe: 'You find someone to carry you.'
(this is said as Tracy is dying; it's an old saying the Resistance - of which they were a part - used when in battle)

r.b. said...

Jannalou...funny you should say that because I was going to have my hubby take a picture of me holding Ben on my back...

HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER! (Son, whatever...)

We all have got to carry each other!

LJCohen said...

Ohana--I remember seeing the Lilo and Stitch movie for the first time and crying on that part. A grown woman crying at an animated movie.

Thank you for reminding me of this.

Nobody gets left behind or forgotten.


Jannalou said...

Aye. :)

That episode has some gems. Actually, the whole series is phenomenal.

Even if you don't usually like science fiction, rent the DVDs and take a gander. I can pretty well guarantee you'll like it.

And the movie, Serenity.

Jannalou said...

Yes, I used to be an ABA therapist. I'm quite happy to talk about my experiences with others - however you want to start is fine with me. I'm going to be putting together a series of posts about "my life in ABA-land", but they'll be primarily made up of old e-mails and journal entries about the work and the children and so on - not so much about what ABA is as a look at how I evolved through the years I worked in the field.

r.b. said...

Your posts will be very interesting to a lot of people. I can't wait until you start it up.

And are wonderful to put up with my current obsession!

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