Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's 11:11, and frankly

I think the muses are OCD.

Okay, that's over...

In my next life, when I get to do it all over again knowing what I know now...when a teacher implies that my son is lazy, instead of giving Ben ritalin at school and working with him for up to 4 hours a nite to be sure she can put an "A" grade in the book, I'm going to say:

"Damn right! He takes after me...want to make something of it?"

Of course, in the next life, maybe the teacher will be enlightened so I won't have to.

Ben tells me I'm weird. I don't know why he thinks that.


Brett said...


Every now and again I will do or say something unusual or unexpected that prompts my younger son to exclaim, "Are you mad?" This is usually followed up quite quickly with something along the lines of, "What am I saying, of course you are."

Just as we are able to (eventually) figure our kids out, they are able to figure us out as well.

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r.b. said...

That's funny...we always talk like we live in "bizzaro land"! If anyone heard us on the way to school, we'd be "certified" crazy!

The greatest thing about it is, we make each other LAUGH!!!! I think that's the most sublime form of communication...shared laughter!

I am so glad we are figuring out each other, and getting such an ease with each other.

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