Thursday, July 06, 2006

Communication Matrix

An interesting, FREE, easy to use communication matrix that can be used online to see where your child stands and what goals could be developed to further them down the line. It begins with pre-interventional behavior: expressing comfort and discomfort, (precursers to refusing and obtaining), and the social goal of expressing interest in people. The last 3 symbols deal with symbolic communication, such as concrete and abstract symbols, and ends with language (combination of symbols, according to grammatical rules..."me want juice")

It was designed for people with severe communication disorders. I realize most of our kids are past that. Ben learned language via visual symbols (level 5, concrete symbols) when he was 4 years old, but didn't really used yes and no with meaning until he was 4.5.

My primary job, from what I have surmised, will be to teach communication to severely communication disordered kids. Thus, my emphasis will not necessarily be on autism, and I apologize.

The teacher's consistent, consistent, consistent response leads to learning. The simplest changes in presentation can lead to lack of communication and frustration.

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Kristina Chew said...

Rose, thanks so much for this. Do you know what kind of communication disorders the children whom you will be teaching might have?

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