Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A free, interesting concept for teaching reading

Get there fast, and copy off these books if your children are age 3 to 9 or if they need practice in reading and phonics. The link is in the title of this entry. These will be downloadable for a certain time only, then they will use the input to gather info for the books that will be for sale.

It's an interesting concept, teaching the Dolch word list in context. The parent/teacher reads to the child, and the child reads the letters in red. Prerequisites might be that the child knows the consonant sounds...but, primarily, it teaches the vowel sounds and then some of the harder long vowel and consonant sounds. Kind of a phonics/sight word approach. (The only thing missing is whole language.) Also teaches left/right reading style, as ideally I think the parent would place their own fingers on the words until they hit the red letters, and then have their child place their fingers on the page...placing their fingers gives them a power of a sort.


Jannalou said...

Same idea I had at one point.

Glad to see I'm not insane. ;)

r.b. said...

I thought it was cool...might make the authors rich some day!

Next time you think you have an insane idea...why don't you (ahem..) a...clear it with me first!!! My people will get with your people, etc, etc...

You ARE a creative ADDer, aren't you!

Jannalou said...

I'm really creative! I should blog about some of the activities I've used with my kids at some point... you might be able to use them with your new students. Things like simple board games that I made and stuff like that. (Free things or at least really cheap things, you know?)


r.b. said...

I know EXACTLY what you or cheap, that is!

Luckily, I taught under a woman who was really in to manipulatives (kindergarten teacher) so I have some idea of how to go about it. Manilla folders, ziplock bags up the ying-yang.

These kids needs are so one has taught them how to read...(that doesn't mean they don't know how, or that they are able, either for that matter.) Best practices says that they should have the same curriculum standards to reach as their same age peers, with modifications and adaptions. This is going to help me so I don't get the crap bored out of me, because I'm going to have to get real creative, too!

It's going to be hard, but thrilling in a way, you know?

Of course, I'm easily amused!

Jannalou said...

If you need any help coming up with ideas, I think you have my e-mail address!

(Just in case, it's janna at thehoskincentre dot com)

Kristina Chew said...

Thanks, Rose---looking them over----

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