Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thanks to Autism-hub

This "change of heart" I've undergone since joining the hub is singularly responsible for me obtaining my first real full-time job in my life at age 50. The Principal was impressed with my "heart" for the kids.

I think Autism-hub plants seeds of acceptance unlike any other place I have come to cross.

I "heart" Autism-hub. Would make a good bumper-sticker, don't ya think?

UPDATE:As per Camille's idea:

Listen: I know I am squirrel bait and an iffy artist at that. It's the idea that counts! Heck, I was just thinking I could make a bumper sticker for Granny's B-day!


Camille said...

Yes. (I "heart" Autism-hub") would make a good bumper sticker. Maybe with "Thanks, Kev." in small print below it.


Congrats on your new job.

Estee Klar-Wolfond said...

This is a neat idea. Go for it and get some more readers to proliferate more acceptance :)

Joseph said...

How about some T-shirts too? Aren't there websites that do this kind of thing?

r.b. said...

Really, I just wanted to get my sentiments out. You know, after leaving the curebie/mercury camps, it's just been so cathartic to be here.

Ian Parker said...

To be clear, I see absolutely nothing wrong with stickers, T-shirts, etc. Nothing at all.

But I do find the whole thing ironic, given this and this and this.

r.b. said...

I knew it was hokey when I did it. "Squirrel bait" was what my brothers used to call me...

You don't have rodent tendencies, do you, Ian...? Uh, sorry... :-)

Don't put Kev in on this one.
There are no heroes here, only humans. That's why I like it.

Ian Parker said...

Hi r.b.

No, I'm probably more on the 'nut' side of the line myself. ;-)

It may be hokey, but it is a cute type of hokey, esp. as long as no one takes it too seriously.

Again, I see nothing wrong with it. I'm just surprised how seriously some have taken it when the 'other' side had stickers, but how suddenly it is okay when it is proposed for their 'side'. I find the whole think petty, and am amazed that anyone is worried about it at all (did Lupron go away?). To me this says much more about the tone and level of animosity of the 'debate' (on all sides) than it does about stickers.

Personally, I like the second one.

r.b. said...

I liked the second one, too. I mean, I would like it, if I was the kind who liked stickers.

Kev said...

No need to thank me at all. One of the deep dark secrets behind the Hub is that I'd just finished writing a PHP RSS/XML parser and wanted to test load it so I came up with the Hub ;o)

Big congrats on the new job.

Ian dammit, stop confusing us with your impeccable logic ;o)

By the way, being an established nerd, I write 'I <3 Autism Hub'.

r.b. said...

Ha, finally got it...

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