Saturday, July 08, 2006

To Be, Or Not To BE

I know of no arrogance greater than to believe oneself capable of deciding who is worthy of life.


Kassiane said...

Can I put that on a tshirt?

Seriously. I hand paint tshirts with sayings on them, and have a very few cafepress designs.

Latest tshirt is purple with pink paint and says "Being different is NOT a CAPITAL CRIME.

Yeah. I like what you said. A lot.

r.b. said...

I often wonder what people think of me, because I READ T-SHIRTS! I think some people forget what they are wearing and they look at me funny.

Cafe Press is absolutely great! I went through to see if I could guess which ones were yours. I'm not sure, but I had a good time looking, anyhow!

Sure you can use it.

Kassiane said...


I could link you to my shirts if you REALLY wanted to know. Most have a Rettdevil logo on the page. I think there's one that doesn't.

And a couple are kinda contraversial, I think. If I'm not offending ANYONE, I'm not doing my job.

r.b. said...

I'd like to at least have a look at your link. You say a couple are controversial...Ben's always saying how he wants to be a rebel...

I think you use remarkable restraint, except when the truth needs to be told!

Julia said...

I read t-shirts, too.

Which leads to odd conversations sometimes. Most of the people whose t-shirts I read don't mind, though.

I'm thinking I need to check out Kassiane's designs now.

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