Saturday, October 07, 2006

What Psychiatry tends to forget....

That’s what psychiatry tends to forget, is however “damaged” a person may be by an experience, there’s a part that the damage cannot touch about them

Thanks, Amanda. Couldn't agree more.


abfh said...

I agree too! It's good to see you posting again, Rose. How is your new job going?

r.b. said...


it is going great! Thanks for asking.

The kids never cease to amaze me. The little poops are just now starting to read, because no one has tried to teach them before, except for the aides last year after the teacher quit.

Can you imagine it took "lowly" aides to teach them? The kids (from 3rd to 5th grade age)learned their abc's and 123's last year!

They blow me away, how hard they work.

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