Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Charmed Life?

Ben has spoken with or met the above people.

I know some people have particular feelings towards all, but I was born and raised a democrat, it's my good/poor upbringing, and not my fault. And Temple Grandin's book "Thinking in Pictures" was my bible for years. It was the only thing that helped me hold on to hope when I was told 95% of autistic kids never live independently and 50% lose language. This was before Autism-hub!

I know it's my brag book.

To John Edwards, he said, "Nice to meet you", which he had only just learned in Speech class, and Edwards said, "Well, nice to meet you!" He is looking away because this idiot used a flash.That's Ben's head in the lower right.

To Temple Grandin, when I introduced him, he said, "Momma, she won't look at me!"

"What's your name?", President Carter asked.
"My names Jimmy!"

Ah, the memories...

Pretty good when you consider this kid is a plague upon society!

When Ben was four years old, still not conversing, he had an aide from Guatamala who loved him.
"He's going to grow up to be president!", she told me once.

Kid runs in some pretty big circles for a punk!


r.b. said...

hello this is Ben and i am not a mother wrote that because she is evil!! HELP!!!!! BUT I DO agree with her on one thing.AUTISM IS NOT A PLAGUE!!!!!Now i`m going to be quite frank here, because of this i say DAMN THE INSTITUTION DAMN THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you and have a nice day


r.b. said...

Like mother, like son, he-he...

laurentius rex said...

And who the hell are they, I am face blind!

Well you don't want to know what I said to Temple Grandin when I first met her, but then you see I am face blind and I did not know who the hell she was :)

laurentius rex said...

Well Laurentius has met Temple G as well but you really don't want to know what he said to her, because he was drunk at the time and had no idea who she was, it was perhaps a rather less polite version of Diogenes riposte to Alexander.

Never met an American President, they don't last long anyway, but I have told a few cabinet ministers where to get off.

Saw the archbishop of Canterbury, that great imposter as he was on his way to Lambeth Palace, but he didn't see me because I was laying on my back at the time in the grass playing my flute as one is wont to do on a sunny day when one has time to kill.

r.b. said...

It took me a while to get to my "password" account, damed google. It seems I have a different one for every account. I used to write them on my computer screen frame. Then my son traded screens...

It sounds like you, too, lead a charmed life. One thing about not being "NT" is that you don't kiss up.

My father used to tell me nobody was better than me. The first time I saw a shrink, he said that I had to learn from my mistakes and that "nobody was better than me, not even the president".

So it seems we are mentally healthy according to a bartender and a shrink, eh?

Personally, I'll take the bartender's word first.I think they know more about human nature!!!!!

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