Saturday, June 02, 2007

Emotionalism versus Sensationalism

The word emotionalism came to me this morning, while thinking about the difference between NT's and NNT's. I don't know what I am, but I know I'm definitively "not typical".

Emotionalism is what NTism is all about. It amounts to the ability to be moved, from it's Latin meaning. I think of collective blades of wheat, blowing in unison. It's a beautiful sight to see, having lived in Kansas, and literally gives a visual representation of that which cannot normally be seen, the wind.

Now, sensationalism means to understand by the senses. Understanding cannot be seen, it is as individual as the weeds that staunchly stand up to ruin the unison effect. As staunch as the rebel who refuses to follow the collective line, to "fit in".

While googling for an image of a "weed in a wheat field", I found no pictures of wheat fields whatever. So I tried "wheat field". I starting noticing a lot of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings coming up, such a sensationalist he was! All of them had weeds in the forefront, a prominant place, but this one.

Look very, very closely at the background.

Now I think I know
What you tried to say to me
And how you suffered for your sanity
And how you tried to set them free
They would not listen, they're not listening still
Perhaps they never will

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Stefan Duncan said...

I wish I could had written to you privately. I wanted to thank you for reawakening to me the beauty of Van Gogh's work. In your simple example using van gogh's paintings, the Mclean words, the sweet insight, you have given me the sensation of tasting the "Van Gogh wine" like the very first time.

The reason I am writing you is that over a yearw ago the under Impact of Art took 14 of my paintings and dubbed me "The American Van Gogh." Though I have my own style I call "Squigglism," I do hope I continue his spirit. I could only dream that one day someone as you will look at my work and "get it" and describe in their own words the sensative core of my heart as I think you have with this piece you have written. If you ever have a moment to see my gallery, I would love to read your take and understanding, I would proudly place where all could see. We can never know what Van Gogh's reaction would be upon reading your "Emotionalism versus Sensationalism" but if it was me, I would had thought you glimpsed into the center most important heart of hearts within. If you do not mind, I would love to post this on my website and to foward this to the vangoghgallery. I am sure they will share my feelings about your prose. I found your words via my "vam gogh alert."

Regardless of the latter, I just wanted to thank you for recreating the sweet emotional sensation of viewing Van Gogh's works for the first time.

Stefan Duncan

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