Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things that make you go hmm...

There is no link in google for "what crazy women think about. Sorry...

1) When Ben was around 4 years old, why did he always lay on the same spot on the floor when we went to K-Mart? As I remember, he'd always lay on the same spot and have a little fit. Was there a noise, was it the lighting, did it happen once by accident, but therefore have to be repeated because "that's what we do here in K-Mart" (replaying the tape...)

I've always wondered.

2) When Ben had a good time, instead of "do it again" a few times he said "Go backwards!". I always figured he was rewinding the tape in his mind to "replay" the event. Being a visual thinker, it makes sense. Hmm...

3) Is Ben's "oppositionality" a by-product of his early poor parenting? We didn't understand he didn't understand us, so we used to nail him to get him to do what we wanted. Did he learn you save your sense of self by doing the opposite of what you are asked? (He's not that bad at all now, really, but we used to say, "Ben, DON'T put away the dishes"...and the little shit would start putting them away, even though he was fully aware and a little peeved we had tricked him. He KNEW his own compulsions.)

If we had been more aware and accepting, would he have developed an oppositional stance? Hmm...

4)Do autistics attach a negative emotional response to places that is unchanging? Although he will do it if asked, he prefers not to go to Wal-Mart because we have often had emotional tussles there.

Why am I developing an aversion to Wal-Mart, and only go when the money saved is paramoount? Hmm...

5) Why is it when I hear about some genius actually "suffering" from Asperger's or some sort of "LD", or of someone who is/was possibly a member of this exclusive club, I'm not surprised?

That Nobel Prize guy recently in the news (forgive spelling)
Andy Kaufman
Dan Akroyd
Bill Gates
Steven Spielberg
Leonardo Da Vinci
G.K. Chesterton
(went to a brain doctor at age 9 because they thought he was "slow")
Thomas Alva Edison (too scattered to learn)
Albert Einstein (sister says he was "echolalic", or repeated phrased under his breath)
Charles Schultz
Thomas Jefferson
Charles Schwabb

That "Virgin Records"/air/mobile guy
Jonathon Mooney ( The Short Bus...more later...)
Samuel Clemmens (Mark Twain)
Winston Churchill
Ivar Lovaas (my own guess..a rich irony, eh?...Somebody ought to try to beat it out of him...)
Most techies

What do they all have in common? They all thought for themselves and changed the area where they found their niche. Some changed the world!

6) Could Aspergers, LD, Autism, become the new "disease" du- jour? (In particular to Kristina's post, it used to piss me off when they'd say a killer was "dind of a quiet guy" because I was "kind of a quiet girl", and I felt all of us "kind of quiet people" were suspect, just like blacks, the poor, Mexicans...we all were inherently suspect because of the group we belonged to...)here. Hmm..

7) NT's can show love "in their eyes". Why does it seem to me that autistics have to be shown love and show love "with their bodies". When Ben was four months old I told the pediatrician that he wasn't bonded to me because he never looked at me (and he never did until he was 2.5 years). She implied I was crazy because she had seen "failure to thrive" and said, "Look at the way he clings to you!!! When Ben feels he does something wrong, he always wants a hug to know that he is forgiven. He "feels" forgiveness through physical bonding, and always has.

AND, LAST, BUT NOT LEAST (You smart-butts quit clapping!)

8) Why does anxiety seem to be such a part of autism?


Vicky said...

The virgin air lines guy Richard Brannon has dsylexia I think..
You can be NT and dyslexic for sure..
It's weird I felt like when I was younger I had this running list of things that caused great distress.. incidents..
Guess you need to watch the movie Rain man to hear the words "K mart sucks" well its close to walmart anyway :) haha!
Why is anxiety a component in some people with autism..? hmm..
Something to do with exciteablilty of the brain..
But usually there is more going on than anxiety.. Sensory stuff..
For a more comphrensive answer I suggest you ask the questions on
and maybe Terry one of the resident adult autistics can be of assistance.. He has a fabulous way of saying things so it all comes together..

Beth said...

ooooh those pictures are cool!

1) Alex used to always strip naked at a particular shoe shop. My guess is that he had to take his shoes off but then couldnt stop because shoes off was part of a process involving everything off.

2)Thats very cool though. A used to say again again in a particular voice, because when the teletubbies said that they got their video clip again.

3) I think its easy to beat onesself up about all the time we spent not really getting it. A was diagnosed at 2, he was 5 before I really twigged he was just fine, just different... I feel bad about that quite often.

4)I have no dx but I do this. There's a village locally I cant bear to go through because I had some bad experiences there. likewise I feel horrible passing my secondary school.

5) it doesnt surprise me either.

6)This worries me too... its making links where there really oughtn't to be links...

7) Oh yes! A communicates with his body incredibly. I always used to find it really strange that other people couldnt understand A because I didnt find it too much of a problem much of the time. And the jumping for joy is always wonderful...

8) :o(

laurentius rex said...

As Vicky says the Virgin airlines guy is dyslexic, no speculation, he is quite open about it, his company can't run the trains on time, no speculation either :)

r.b. said...

Vicky: Excitability of the brain...a new tangent to think about. sounds interesting.

Beth: Dang it, it was the Teletubbies. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

Laurentius Rex: I see a lot of similarities between LD and Autism. It's the atypical learners that always end up in Special Ed because the system is not prepared for differences. So, obviously, there is something wrong with the child...

Natalia said...

This list is interesting, but i am about to go offtopic.

There is something in SC that is making me go Hmmmmmm too, and i could use some advice. If possible, RB could you please email me at the email on my profile. Thank you.

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