Wednesday, July 18, 2007

FIRE ME, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Warning: This is a RANT!

God forbid anyone from work would actually read this rant... It might mean they have some interest in the kids other than what they've been told. I feel like I am being asked to train animals. With no brains. Or feelings. And there are "observation windows" in every room to make sure you are doing it right!!!!!!

Document this, document that, do as you're told, don't make waves...Use the system! (There are two competing ones, which would you prefer NOW?)

I'm not an animal trainer, I'm a God-blessed teacher!!!!!!!!Let me teach, and you all can do whatever the hell you want because in the end, I am only responsible for filling up the kids minds!!!! You've had your chance, how is that Kindergarten stuff working for ya?

Am I the only one who feels there is a terrific waste of humanity here???????????

I'm never going to fit in your little system. I'm a square peg you are trying to fit into a round hole. Good Lord...I know how our kids feel!!!!!

Please, do yourself and me a favor and fire me, and never think again of what might have been...


r.b. said...

I realized last night that I hate my job. The frustration is just overwhelming. It's like going to school, when you really hate it. I do it because of a promise, but I'm afraid I ain't got the strength to stand alone.

Too many people want it their way, and nobody has the dream I have. Jonathan Rooney ( Learning Outside the Lines ) talked about taking "mental health days" from school. I took one today from work. I can't take this!

Suzanne said...

I feel your frustration. I hope you will find a happy solution.

r.b. said...

Sorry, Suzanne...I'm going to cut and paste your last comment because for some reason it didn't turn up.

yeah... H. (and other misunderstood children) needs you to be there. I know how frustrating the system can be, and how much the kids can point out what really matters. (I only lasted 6 years) I hope you come to a peaceful fit in the round hole (maybe it needs a bit of chiseling)

I stayed home. I was thinking of a G.B.(God-Blessed, trying not to cuss) JACKHAMMER.

Wow, you deserve a purple heart. I hope I have your strength because this sucks!

mcewen said...

That's precisely the problem [from my selfish perspective] is that you're exactly the kind of teacher that the children most need. I wish there was some easy solution.
Best wishes [don't forget to breathe!]

Suzanne said...

jackhammer sounds effective
sorry if my comments got confused... that second one was response to the prior post.
no particular valor here! believe me.

r.b. said...

Ben and I went to a movie...Evan, Almighty or something like that. It was great timing!!! I had a beer at lunch and picked up my anti-anxiety medication--for the others, not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----We picked on each other and laughed our asses off! He spit out his drink and looked like he wet his pants...Oh, God, I love that kid. Nobody else could put up with a "behaviorally challenged" kook like me.If the place isn't taken yet, I'd like to be the good bitch of the east! Ben swears he's going to take my medication away because it's more fun without it. I won't let him because I'm not looking forward to being a screaming mee-mee and it gives me just that ounce of self-control.................................................................................

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