Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Origins of Nazi Genocide

When we went to Washington, I became very interested in the idea of sterilization and later "mercy killing" of handicapped children, where it all begin. The kids were "practice" for what was to happen later on. CANARIES IN THE COAL MINE?? To tell the truth, it was the first stopping point, where one could sit down in the Holocaust museum. The first time I went, I was drawn to understand it. The second time I went, I realized it was the beginning of the final solution.It had a name: the T4 Operation. I asked the clerk in the book store for a book about the T4 Operation, and the above was the one he gave me. Most books spoke only about the later days, this one served as a guide to where it all began. Strangely enough, it was the study of Eugenics in the United States that served as a scholarly excuse. We, however, did not enact any solutions, as an elite crew of medical personnel in Germany did. I will write a book report, if NO ONE has any objections to it. If it is too painful, I will not. But remember, sunshine is a great disinfectant, and the truth will set you free!!!

I always wondered why the German People let Hitler get away with it. The truth is, Hitler based the whole thing on lies and deception. And used the Psychology heads of Major Universities to do it, and carefully selected the "killers".


To amuse myself, I often google "images" of autism, just to see what's out there. Today, I happened to notice one of the "code words" of the Nazi's. (This message was below the first picture, although it did not download.)

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) may arise from a combination of genetic and epigenetic (environmental) events that result in specific neurodevelopmental problems. These events or “hits” may occur in the genome and thus can be inheritable. The number of “hits” before a threshold or ASD is reached is today unknown. These hits are postulated to occur before (hereditary) and after conception (in utero), as well as in the early postnatal years.

Once manifested, the “hits” produce various behavioral, communication and social deficits that become apparent in the early postnatal stages of life until the child becomes diagnosed beginning at about 36 months.

The incidence of ASDs are rising, and latest estimates are as high as 1/72. Following diagnosis, the parent and caretakers are faced with numerous options for therapeutic intervention. Intervention is a critical issue, since in general the earlier the intervention, the better the prognosis.

A major goal of TIPOgen is committed to identify early markers of ASDs that may be used to diagnose ASDs and prognose the effects of therapeutic interventions, thus reducing the time from “hit” and intervention.


See those words, therapeutic intervention? We all know what that means. If allowed, I will work on a book report this weekend.

The book was not all horrific, there was a seed of how we manage to avoid another final solution. You may or may not be surprised at the authors summation of how to avoid it. I'll give you a hint: It is happening right here on this hub....

If this has been done before, please give me the links to your own posts in the comments. Although it seems extreme, these are the times we live in, and we all know it is beginning again.


andrea said...

I'm looking forward to your next post!

abfh said...

"Therapeutic intervention" as a euphemism for killing children is horrible indeed. I'm not aware of anyone who is using the phrase with that intention now (rather, it seems to be used mainly by those trying to sell therapies), but you're right, we have to stay vigilant.

Nowadays the pro-eugenics groups mainly talk about "prevention," and everyone knows that means prenatal screening and abortion.

Christschool made a video on the T4 program and its parallels to certain attitudes toward disabilities in today's society:

T4 and its Evolution

r.b. said...

I'm familiar with Singer's ideas. He's quite a piece of work.

I think some geneticists have prenatal intervention in mind.

I will watch Christschool's video before going on. I am sure it will be much more informative than my own work. Besides, a picture tells a thousand words.

Suzanne said...

I have done some looking at American Eugenics. Seems unbelievable in a way, that these thoughts were embraced here less than a century ago. Sadly, our country seems tightly wrapped up in some wacky version of "perfect", that it could all too easily slide right back down into terminating less than optimal life(and sterilizing anyone likely to produce such offspring). I have said this elsewhere, and have heard atrocious numbers of those who took that route, but again, I was aghast to have termination offered as the first option for my totally awesome Downy.

r.b. said...

It began as an ideology embraced among academics in the 1880's following Darwins "Origin of the Species" idea of "survival of the fittest". Francis Dalton, Darwin's cousin, coined the term eugenics in 1883. Thus, we took a natural idea and applied it to humanity. Only, nature decides animals worth naturally, we apply it "medically", a euphemism for sterilization and "mercy death". It is based on an assumption that only those deemed "worthy" should be allowed to live.

It is FUNNY to me that those that deem themselves so intelligent are the FIRST to embrace this ideology. It was the common man, deemed simple, stupid, and inferior to the academics who stood in the way, who had to be lied to.

violet_yoshi said...

This is exactly why I've been at posting against their latest Autism Speaks funded pity-fest.

I've been trying to tell everyone at that Autism Speak's goal is to wipe Autistics off the planet. That they are already trying to make a genetic database, so they can give parents only the negative aspects of Autism, and then urge them to abort any future Autistic children.

If this goes through, it won't be long until we have designer babies born. We do have the technology, the question is when will the Ethics become so meaningless that it will be acceptable to design a human being. I suggest seeing the film Gattica if you haven't, it's a great Sci-Fi film on this concept.

Please go to here:

and here

Post against this proto-Neuremberg Rally show. If enough people do, they will have to listen.

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