Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trusting I'm where I should be...

H. is one of my ten students. His goal was to learn NSEW directions. He copied an unlabeled map of the 7 continents and 5 oceans, and labeled them without my help. He then labeled NSEW. He had surpassed his goal before he started. He knew more than I did. I've told him, twice, that he has a gift. He has asked me a couple of times what I mean by "gift".

I've been told none of the kids have a mind greater than 5 years old. That's bull-ony. H. refused to sing today because he said "that's baby songs" (Days of the week, months of the year, "Good Morning to You", etc.) H. is 18 years old and has a brilliant, if unused mind. I love you buddy!!

I was sent to NCIP class, to learn how to put "safety" holds on kids. (I am SORRY, but it's the G.D. truth). The teacher didn't think I did my job well. I asked another woman there who was as gentle as me, who had worked there for years, if she had ever had to use any of the things they were teaching.

She said, "Never."

I'm not sure I've got the strength to put up with this crap. As long as the heavens keep the doors open to me, I'll be there. Even if it kills me. It's not the kids...

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Suzanne said...

yeah... H. (and other misunderstood children) needs you to be there. I know how frustrating the system can be, and how much the kids can point out what really matters. (I only lasted 6 years) I hope you come to a peaceful fit in the round hole (maybe it needs a bit of chiseling)

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