Monday, December 24, 2007

"absurdity and aspergers"

After reading Look Me in the Eye, I was wondering if there was a correlation between absurdity and aspergers, as
there should be.

But there wasn't if you put them in quotes...I wonder if there will be after this post.

Sorry, once again, only amusing myself....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ruby Bridges

My husband is the South Carolina state coordinator for National History Day. Many students choose to write a paper, make a board, develop a power-point, enact a drama,etc., on various topics relating to history in order to take part in a nation-wide competition.

That's how I became familiar with Ruby Bridges story. She was a child who helped lead the civil-rights era..."A little child shall lead them..." Her story is one of fantastic courage and forgiveness of the adults who would have rather seen her dead than integrating an elementary school in the 1950's.

Who will speak to this ignorant generation for those who are born with different wiring? When will we stop making school (and life) torture for them and begin to accept that we all "still see the same stars", as Donna Williams sings?

Thanks, abfh!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Echolalia...too important to forget

Sometimes I come across a blogpost that I wish I had written, so on the mark it is...and I try to leave a reference to it on my blog so I can look it up again another day.

MOM-NOS describes echolalia in a way that could help every person who sees it as anything other than an exquisite way to acquire language. Her description is so simply put forward (ala Albert Einstein "Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler) that it shouldn't be missed.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Shhhh...Act normal!!!"

Joel, Ben, and I give each other so much shit it isn't even funny...well, maybe a little funny...

From somewhere this expression, "Shhh...act normal!" bubbled up out of his psyche. Now when we are out in public the expression comes up when we are getting a little out of hand. It's always good for a laugh! And then we calm down...

But yesterday evening we went out to eat and FORGOT TO ACT NORMAL!!! For years we have played a game in our living room which amounts to "variations on a theme" and we give points, when we remember, to the person who finds the funniest expression or visually comedic stance. There is always a seed of it something someone said or some absurdity of life come to light, or even like on "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?", some object that can be manipulated for comedic purposes.

Out to eat..oh, yeah...Well, anyhow there was this big metal pizza holder that each grabbed up to see who could come up with the best line.

To me, it looked like those neck braces put on one's head after an accident, to my husband, if a beer was strategically placed, a small child's potty chair, and to looked like a backpack. He puts it over his head and neck and starts leaning backwards like the weight of it is going to throw him off and says "Dang, this backpack is heavy!", and I started laughing because I KNOW how heavy those sons-o-guns are.

The waitress was watching us, and says when her daughter was younger and getting out of the van at school, she lost her balance because of weight of the backpack and fell over backwards. She was DYING of mortification and swore to God she was never going back to school.

Now, I don't want to sound cold or unkind...but it kind of gave me the gigs. We take our tiny children and load them up with these humongously full backpacks...Ben's old girlfriend said she weighed hers in at 65 pounds...while still going on about childhood and it's carefree days, etc., etc.

Grownups are so full of it...

Autism Speaks

Dear Mom and Dad

Thank you for helping me
get through school. I really appreciate
all that you did. You know
I was really scared at
the begening of elementary
school. But thanks to you
both I would not be
where I am today. Thanks
for helping me with
my homework and school
projects. I can't thank you
two for all that you
have done for me. And
I will love you always.


Sunday, December 02, 2007


I have been hanging around the hub, perusing, knowing there is a post for me in the mix of brain I've been dealt.

"OUT OF THE CLOSET, INTO THE FRYING PAN" kept occurring, about my "coming out" at work as being autistic and prone to depression (they were not impressed)...but it just wasn't doing it for me.

Then, my mind kept perseverating on Schizophrenic "word salad" and the "idea salad" this overheated brain was going through and wondering if there was a connection...but, alas, except for this sentence, it was not to be so.

Then, I got it. Five minutes ago it occurred to me that Ben had told me this week he was no longer autistic. Right under my nose, and without my help...the little bugger had CURED HIMSELF!!!!! Honey, this is big news!!!! Perhaps I should contact Autism PFSFTAITK!!!! (Autism Parents Feel Sorry For Themselves And Ignore Their Kids)

I'm wondering if it had anything to do with:

1) My telling him that when he had a child if he had the same difficulties that I did with him, to remember the stories of how he learned differently and apply them, or call me at any time so my grandchild would not have as hard a life as he did.

2) Ben's decision to go into MECHANICAL DRAWING as his choice in his high-school track...yes, in the 8th grade he's supposed to know where he is going, already...

3)Just the feeling of self-acceptance he seems to be going through, thank GOD, right before puberty hits. In my mind, it's not that he's NOT AUTISTIC (kid, how many times do I have to tell you, you learn different...), but that he is NOT DISABLED.

4)The beautiful, if sometimes rocky relationship we've forged, where there are no "sins" of being who you are.

5)Dumb luck.

So there you go, people. Make of it what you will.
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