Saturday, December 08, 2007

"Shhhh...Act normal!!!"

Joel, Ben, and I give each other so much shit it isn't even funny...well, maybe a little funny...

From somewhere this expression, "Shhh...act normal!" bubbled up out of his psyche. Now when we are out in public the expression comes up when we are getting a little out of hand. It's always good for a laugh! And then we calm down...

But yesterday evening we went out to eat and FORGOT TO ACT NORMAL!!! For years we have played a game in our living room which amounts to "variations on a theme" and we give points, when we remember, to the person who finds the funniest expression or visually comedic stance. There is always a seed of it something someone said or some absurdity of life come to light, or even like on "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?", some object that can be manipulated for comedic purposes.

Out to eat..oh, yeah...Well, anyhow there was this big metal pizza holder that each grabbed up to see who could come up with the best line.

To me, it looked like those neck braces put on one's head after an accident, to my husband, if a beer was strategically placed, a small child's potty chair, and to looked like a backpack. He puts it over his head and neck and starts leaning backwards like the weight of it is going to throw him off and says "Dang, this backpack is heavy!", and I started laughing because I KNOW how heavy those sons-o-guns are.

The waitress was watching us, and says when her daughter was younger and getting out of the van at school, she lost her balance because of weight of the backpack and fell over backwards. She was DYING of mortification and swore to God she was never going back to school.

Now, I don't want to sound cold or unkind...but it kind of gave me the gigs. We take our tiny children and load them up with these humongously full backpacks...Ben's old girlfriend said she weighed hers in at 65 pounds...while still going on about childhood and it's carefree days, etc., etc.

Grownups are so full of it...

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Maddy said...

Gotta hang on to that inner child!

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