Sunday, December 02, 2007


I have been hanging around the hub, perusing, knowing there is a post for me in the mix of brain I've been dealt.

"OUT OF THE CLOSET, INTO THE FRYING PAN" kept occurring, about my "coming out" at work as being autistic and prone to depression (they were not impressed)...but it just wasn't doing it for me.

Then, my mind kept perseverating on Schizophrenic "word salad" and the "idea salad" this overheated brain was going through and wondering if there was a connection...but, alas, except for this sentence, it was not to be so.

Then, I got it. Five minutes ago it occurred to me that Ben had told me this week he was no longer autistic. Right under my nose, and without my help...the little bugger had CURED HIMSELF!!!!! Honey, this is big news!!!! Perhaps I should contact Autism PFSFTAITK!!!! (Autism Parents Feel Sorry For Themselves And Ignore Their Kids)

I'm wondering if it had anything to do with:

1) My telling him that when he had a child if he had the same difficulties that I did with him, to remember the stories of how he learned differently and apply them, or call me at any time so my grandchild would not have as hard a life as he did.

2) Ben's decision to go into MECHANICAL DRAWING as his choice in his high-school track...yes, in the 8th grade he's supposed to know where he is going, already...

3)Just the feeling of self-acceptance he seems to be going through, thank GOD, right before puberty hits. In my mind, it's not that he's NOT AUTISTIC (kid, how many times do I have to tell you, you learn different...), but that he is NOT DISABLED.

4)The beautiful, if sometimes rocky relationship we've forged, where there are no "sins" of being who you are.

5)Dumb luck.

So there you go, people. Make of it what you will.


Maddy said...

Ooo dear - real headache stuff. Sometimes I think it's better just to not think at all.
Best wishes

abfh said...

Although it's good that Ben is feeling more confident about his abilities, I find it quite sad when kids get the idea that they're no longer autistic just because they have learned how to do some stuff that non-autistic kids do.

That's the opposite of self-acceptance, in my view. It's like a woman going into engineering or physics or some other male-dominated field and then declaring that she doesn't want anyone to think of her as a woman. Or a Hispanic man getting a job on Wall Street and changing his name so that no one will ever know his ethnic identity. Or Michael Jackson (well, maybe we'd better not go there...)

kristina said...

If not (5)--- all of the above?!!!?

Ms. Clark said...

Pretty Amazing! Maybe you could ask him what he used to cure himself. It will be a way to support himself as it is sure to be a hot seller. :-)

I'm happy to hear that he likes himself. That's the important thing.

r.b. said...

Thanks for your humorous comments. It was meant in fun.

Autism Warrior said...

"In my mind, it's not that he's NOT AUTISTIC but that he is NOT DISABLED"

I feel the same.

Marla said...

Nice blog you have here. Enjoying it a lot!

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