Thursday, January 17, 2008

AutismSpeaks: Katie McCarron's death

Some things seem so senseless...

Katie had two parents.

One saw only "autism" and felt compelled to eradicate her child of it, and death was the only answer she could see.

One saw a beautiful, loving child.

Katie, may you always be remembered in our hearts.

(If you have come here from googling Autism Speaks, please remember Katie, who was not a "tragedy" to those who loved her. Their wisdom speaks volumes.)


r.b. said...

Today, Katie looks down from heaven and smiles while we shed a tear, gather ourselves together, and stride forth into the world to enact the words of Katie's father, Paul McCarron, who today said:
"I ask all parents and especially those of children with disabilities to ALWAYS love your children and be proud of them. Cherish every moment you have with them. Love, patience and tender efforts are the best therapies."

Marla said...

Well said. She was a beautiful child and this is such a sad sad story. I feel for all involved.

Club 166 said...

Thank you for reclaiming some real meaning to the term "Autism Speaks". How we treat the Katies of the world speaks volumes about us all.


Casdok said...

Love, patience and tender efforts.
So true.

Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

To hear a brief commentary on how one 13 year old boy with Asperger Syndrome feels about the organization called Autism Speaks, listen to the last five minutes or so of this free audio podcast put out by Midnight In Chicago:

"Special Feature Interview with Douglas Giesel and An Update Interview with Lewis Schofield'

It can be found at

As listeners will be able to see, he is displeased with them.

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