Sunday, February 17, 2008

Autism Diva: A better, much better way of teaching autistic kids

Responsive teaching strategies promote parent interactions with their children through strategies such as "follow the child's lead" and "take one turn and wait." The results of their study appear in an article in the April 2005 issue of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

The Case Western study, at least a step above ABA, is very similar to my own "step above" in reaching Ben. Initially I was very frustrated, prayed for patience, and kept a copy of the "Love Chapter" (Love is patient, love is kind...) framed and placed on the wall where I could always look to it for guidance. In Ben's third grade, I decided to try a VERY BEHAVIORALLY BASED, but ineffective trial of immediately punishing "bad", in my mind, behavior, with the lofty goal of Ben going off Ritalin. It failed miserably, but gave me ideas....

Finally, a Ben's fifth grade teacher, Ms. Hunt ("still, small voice"), who I shall always see as a life-changing mentor TO ME, gave me tools similar to those used in the Case Western study. I entered Ben's world, and have never gone back.

I immediately saw results in my own behavior.

P.S. Thanks to the voyage blogspot for helping me find the Diva's post, which I had lost track of...

With the sometimes "do as you are told" politically expedient mentality of the NT crowd, who often end up being mentors to our children (teachers ARE social creatures...), how do we get ideas like this to replace "all things Lovaas"??

Thanks, Diva, for your timely post. You are a part of the solution, you know it?
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