Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Be quiet, please!"

My mother told me never to use the words, "shut up". We were to say, "Be quiet, please!" I love my mother!!!! I also apologize for naming my previous post "Shut up". It was very rude of me.

When I was thinking of communication and autism, it reminded me of Christschool's video of his son. I absolutely loved this video, mostly for the cute babe in it, but also how those eyes look to his father. I haven't seen anything to compare to it. They just make popcorn the jiffy-pop way,

While "just being" with his son, he makes priceless point. I hope you understand it. "Cost of therapy, $1"

I will look for the link to it.


r.b. said...

Christschool, if you're around...I initially had trouble downloading the video from your site, but easily embedded it on my site. This a.m., I couldn't get on my blog because of a 'hang' with the video I just unembedded it, looked for the link, and couldn't find it. I'm not the most tek savvy old lady...

Marla said...

We were never allowed to say 'Shut Up' either. I have titled a piece of art work 'Shut Up'. It was fitting.

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