Friday, August 22, 2008

Teaching in pictures...why I'm home schooling


Mrs. C said...

Hello! Casdok has referred me to your blog. I homeschool as well, though I found the Bob Jones kits after I began and LOVE them so much. It's almost as though someone asked me what I wanted in a curriculum and then ran out and did all the legwork for me. :] I wish I knew about it years ago because I thought (for some reason... and now I don't know why!) that to homeschool, you have to make up the curriculum yourself and figure out what each child needs to learn each year.

I rely heavily on the kits, but we do an extra thing here and there or put things off for a day as necessary. It's so refreshing just to be able to do that.

FYI, I have two children diagnosed with autism and a third who is lookin' mighty suspicious right now. One is in public school and the other is homeschooled. Long story.

I always appreciate seeing other perspectives on home education and hearing how others are faring.

r.b. said...

Hi, mrs. c, nice to meet you! I rely on the books and some tests, can't afford the kits. My husband taught science for 10 years in public school, and never used the tests they send. So mostly we just teach out of the book and hope we can correct them without answer keys. Ben always hated school, called it torture in second grade. I don't know how he survived, but he did, even while still being echolalic in the 4th grade. He would come home from 6 hours at school and work on homework for 4 hours (coming down from the ritalin). He's kinda dysgraphic and dyscalculic, compared to most kids his age.(I am a special educator.)

It's funny...when Ben was in preschool, one of the kid's uncle was a rocket scientist. I never thought of them as being real. B)

Ben is very bright, spent most of his career in the regular classroom.

How old are your children?

Mrs. C said...

They are 14, 13, 8, 7, 21 months and almost 7 months. The littlest is a *girl* creature I'd heard so much but never gotten until now.

Here's why we homeschool:

I'm glad my friend referred me here!

Mrs. C said...

PS I think I have a learned dependence on the teachers' manuals. I reason I'm homeschooling two boys now and I'll homeschool the next two children (God willing) and I'm "investing." You know.

r.b. said...

I meant when Ben was in developmental preschool one of the kid's uncles was a rocket scientist. These kids were considered "special needs". I wonder if his uncle would have been considered "special needs" when he was in school. I'd bet on it!

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