Thursday, November 13, 2008

Autism Experts

Who are the autism experts? I googled it, and if you hit the link above you'll see who comes up first. (Autismsqueaks comes up second...surprise, surprise).

I know it's goofy, but imagine an alien comes to this planet, and becomes enraptured with this thing called "woman".

"Tell me more, what is this woman?"

Would we send them to a gynecologist to explain the inner workings of a woman's body, a doctor to show the physical manifestations, a psychiatrist to show the issues of being woman,(all the previous from a male point of view), let them read books on women's issues, give them a copy of playboy, talk about women's suffrage, have a man talk about his wife, have children talk about their mother; would we, in essence, avoid a snowballs chance in hell that they could actually meet and talk with a woman, have their questions answered by a woman...would we only allow a societal constuct of womanhood to escape?

Do you think they'd ever really figure out what this thing, this "woman", was?

Maybe, we could have a token woman who was only allowed to say things about herself that were previously cleared with all the above "experts" first. She would say things that made them feel comfortable, because that's what "good" women do.

i'm jus sayin....


Mary said...

Wait... that goes on today. For women. All the time.

But yes, I do see where you're going with this.

Casdok said...

Well put!

Maddy said...

Tsk, tsk,'s only to be expected if you're enticed into google searches. I am similarly enticed and then thoroughly annoyed at the results.
BEst wishes

Niksmom said...

OL. Point very well made!

Thanks for your kind comment on my rambling post about Nik and his endless appetite! :-)

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