Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rotenberg records reportedly are seized

Move along...nothing to see here, folks...JRC is above reproach...

This supposedly happened within the last couple of weeks.

Welcome Judge Rotenberg Center

I plan on seeing if the JRC visits my blog, and I will post if I see it in my sitemeter information. I thank Christschool for the idea. Click on the title link if you would like to learn more.

Matthew L. Israel has a "response to blogs" here.

I have chosen specific parts to look at from my own perspective.

The skin shock procedure involves administering a two-second shock (15mA or 45mA) to the surface of the skin of, typically, an arm or leg. The shock feels like a hard pinch. It has no side effects other than a very occasional reddening or discoloration of the skin that clears up in a few minutes or at most a few days. It is administered, in the average case, only once per week. With the help of this treatment, the behaviors of many students improve to a point where they no longer need the treatment. There are no negative side effects and many positive ones as has been found in a paper that has recently been accepted for publication, written by Wietske van Oorsouw in collaboration with JRC clinicians entitled,...

Once per week...that's not what I heard... Uhm, maybe it the workers had to administer the shocks to themselves, first, before shocking the children, as Israel himself says "There are no negative side effects of the ged to consider," Since that's the case, why not go buzz-happy on the staff. I bet you would see a REMARKABLE improvement in the client's behavior....I'm jus' sayin....for things like: refusals to attend school or follow any directions of a teacher or responsible adult; fire-setting; continuous screaming in places such as libraries, movies or restaurants, disrobing and/or masturbating in
public; and destroying computers and other valuable equipment.
That refusal to follow ANY directions is kind of quietly slipped in there with firesetting an masturbation. Almost, kinda, like an after thought. Nothing to see here folks,

I find it kind of funny that a harmless shock is for example, in the treatment of aggression,JRC’s treatment is effective (using the same standard of producing a 90% or greater reduction of the behavior as compared with its
frequency prior to treatment) 100% of the time,
. You got to admire the tenacity of those who will voice their opinion without regard to the shock.

Mr. Israel has study upon study to back himself up. And good lawyers. The only thing he lacks is love...
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