Monday, July 27, 2009

Front Page Atlanta Journal Constitution

Jonathan King, who played ball in his earlier years, was 13 when he hanged himself in November 2004 in Gainesville.

How we got the story (from the article--Rose)

Details on Jonathan King’s enrollment at a Gainesville psychoeducational school and his suicide there came from court records, school documents obtained by his family, and interviews with his parents and their lawyers.

A reporter also examined inspection reports of psychoeducational schools by the Georgia Department of Education, legal filings by parents of children enrolled in the schools, federal and state reports on special education programs in Georgia, and a history of the state’s psychoeducational schools by the director of one facility.

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Anonymous said...

When I check my blog at times, and I see this picture...this child is so precious. How could adults be so dead set on a child obeying that their punishment took away his will to live?? Schools are built now with time outs in the planning. How many more children will it take?

I emailed Adam Judd, the reporter. I will look for more of his stories.


Anonymous said...

sorry...did I say


I want to keep that name in case I need to contact a good reporter. Not like that's ever going to happen, but you never know. He seems sympathetic to the cause, when so many are dismissive.

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