Thursday, January 21, 2010

Extra Info on House/Senate Bill

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Click on link above, Extra Info on House/Senate Bill   for some good stuff if you have time.  I was reading an "" homeschooling Atlanta area Mom whom I love...and a cross link was given to the Atlanta Special Education  ""
If you want more info, please give her a visit.  I have not even had time to read it entirely, but it seems like a gold-mine just from first glance. I don't even know her name, but the title of the post is 10 Minute Activist! Keeping disabled children safe from harm in school -

Forgive me, sometimes I have to make a choice between starting a post, or waiting and taking a chance of forgetting all about it. 

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Two Wrongs don't make a right: H.R.4247/S.2860 Contact Legislatures.

Click two wrongs above to get ASAN's message about the House/Senate bill for the "Preventing Harmful Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Act".
I just got finished calling.  Luckily, the first Senator's education division person was not there so I spoke to the machine.  It really helped me to chrystalize what I think the problem is, at least in this wee little mind.

I have known all along that some forms of restraint are sometimes necessary, in a humanitarian way.  To help a child avoid causing harm to himself or another child, I probably would be guilty of using a restraint that must be documented.  In fact, I was nailed once, because even though I was trained to know better, a child began hitting the wall with his head, and not thinking I put him in a basket hold.  His grandmother had to be called, the SRS notified, and it had to be documented.  I was glad the system can believe I NEVER tried that again.  But my intention was never to harm "Noah" (real kid).

My fear was never that kids would be harmed by teachers who had been trained, who always had the student's protection in mind, but that short tempered people would use violent practices to put fear in the heart of the kids.  I saw this happen, too, because some people were short tempered, ill-trained, or just figured the kids deserved it.

School systems, institutions don't want to see H.R.4247/S.2860 pass, not because it doesn't serve the needs of the children, but because it may make them liable in a way they haven't been.  Special Ed teachers are always in short supply because it's hard to find someone who wants to devote their lives to children who may not ever be a star by the world's standards.  It's difficult, physically and psychologically.  Parents in special ed can be extraordinarily unrealistic and demanding (been on both sides of that fence...)  Then you get to the pay for aides, and add the same stresses...Often times less than perfect people are allowed to fill the posts in hopes that someone better will come along.  All mistreatment must be kept quiet, less the school/intitution be in jeopardy.

WHO ARE WE PROTECTING:  the child, or in the recent case of Zakh, the teachers (physically) or school (finacially)??  It's THAT SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!WHO ARE WE PROTECTING???????

Lets let a pedophile into a day care's no different than letting a child abuser into a school/institution.  THE KIDS ASK FOR IT, DON'T THEY???

Sweet Jesus, what bugs me the most about this is, WHO ARE THE GROWNUPS SUPPOSED TO BE?
Do we abuse handicapped kids because of behaviors they may have that are beyond their own control/understanding, or do we be the grown-ups, and find ways that save the dignity of the child, the personal space they need to grow...We all make mistakes, but there are a WHOLE LOTTA DEATHS  going on in special ed programs. 

It ain't right.  That's all I got to say...'scuse my shoutin'....

Monday, January 18, 2010


"Without personal boundaries, there is no way to experience your own identity and no way to measure your worth... "  Ed Ised

  Thanks Ed.
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