Saturday, February 20, 2010

pandora railroad

ah, yes, as i said in an earlier post, my son was undergoing a bout of avatar induced depression/obession. going off of abFh's recomendation,my son wrote his own fan fiction. i do not know most of the story but i do know that the railroad is heavily involved in rebuilding the lives of the na'vi.(jake sully behind the throttle of a 4-6-2 steam locomitive. thats a laugh!)anyway the railroads name is (as given away in the title) pandora railroad. the logo is the railrods initals translated into na'vi.
p.s. the c is actually an e. also ben said that calling the na'vi autistic is not being fair to the na'vi as the attetion span required to hunt for food on a daily basis could not be achived by anyone with autsim.


r.b. said...

BEN!!!!!!!!!LEAVE MY BLOG ALONE!!!!!!!!!

ben walker said...

i am sorry about that last bit in the post. that opinion was formed under false pretenses. its just that when i read that post the first thing that came to mind was what neytiri (jake sully's na'vi wife) would be like on ritalin. (or however it is spelled.)it is fair to say that it was a pitiful sight.

r.b. said...

When you explain yourself, your logic always makes sense to me. I find it hard to imagine any na'vi on ritalin, too!!!


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