Thursday, April 01, 2010

Clever google

I often say if Ben was drugged or cured, I would miss his cleverness.  He can make me laugh easily,  For him, it is a survival mechanism, as he told our doctor:  "Mom says if she wasn't laughing she'd kill me!"
Duh...ya got that right, ya little sh%! I love the word clever, I really do. It's a slight step above just plain old funny.  Funny with brains.Funny, with a twist.  Funny straight up on the rocks with an olive garnish.
So anyhow, this morning I am getting online and I see "Topeka" instead of "Google"...WTH??? The mayor of Topeka, tongue-in-cheek, changed it to "Google", Kansas. So google changes their name to Topeka. Good PR move for both of them.

We've lived in Topeka... Yeah, we saw the wrong Reverend  Phelps and his family and their "God hates fags" signs  all the time.  They lived in their compound just down the street from us.  Why is it that so many cults use religion?  So, I figure, beings as I just came across a speech written by the wrong Reverend Phelps's son, I'd link to it for those who might be interested in the bastard's self-righteousness.  Kinda puts it all into perspective.  The guy's just a plain old egotistical mean bastard who likes the spotlight.  This is Nate Phelps memories, and the reason why he is now an atheist.

The bible says that whats done in the dark will be shone in the light.  Sunshine is a great disinfectant. It also says that those who harm or mislead the little ones, might be better off to have a stone wrapped around their neck and be throne into a lake of fire, than be judged for their deeds by God.

So anyhow, don't let anyone tell you that nothing good comes from  Kansas.  There's us Walkers, especially Ben, and the mayor.  At least.
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