Thursday, March 24, 2011

A great write-up on Synthenesia on Daily Kos

You know that autism speaks to creativity, as do many "brain diseases" such as schizphrenia, ADHD, wonders if any "creative ones" appear in the neurotypical world. 

I go to Daily Kos daily.  It's a liberal blog here in America.  More even than loving it for the news you don't always get on the boob-tube, I've come to love the writers there.  I think it has a readership of a million people a day, but anyone can create a diary, once they sign up and go through the one week waiting period, which stops a lot of drive by trolls from taking shots at the "moran libs".

rhubarb created a diary there that some might find of interest. It is very well researched and there is lots of linky-goodness to other sites, for more info.

I was well into my thirties before I figured out that most people did not see a color associated with every letter and number, did not see shapes associated with sounds, and didn't view a year as a big hamster wheel with a rung for every day. Before you counsel me to take my meds, there's more to say about this phenomenon, known as "synethesia." As with left handers, you might think we synesthetes are a little mixed up, but we are in fine company! There is a long list of famous synesthetes, from Richard Feynman to Wassily Kandinsky.

The following is from the Library of Congress presentation by Doctors Richard E Cytoic.

I give credit to rhubarb for this link:

There is a test there he wrote about that takes about 40 minutes, to figure out if you have one of the more common types of sensory pairings, although there are at least 150 documented.

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Hyper Aspie said...

Hey there!!

I saw the comment you left on my blog and thought I'd drop by to say welcome and thanks for following my blog!

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Casdok said...

Its a fasinating area.

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