Sunday, May 08, 2011


One stop money laundering center for parents of  "autistic" children. From your pockets to ours!!!

Oh, please people...your child is fine!  Unconditional love will help much, much more than any of this.

They are not monsters.  They are not mentally ill.  They are not socially inept (they just have to find their own birds, and when you are 1 in 100, it's kind of hard to do.  Go to wrong planet.  There's LOTS of kids like them there.  Or go to You tube and show them Monty Python for social skills.

This guy has been known to lead the downfall of the Soviet Union AND cure autism....for FREE

Or you can laugh.  True laughter can only be shared.  And "auties" have great, great senses of humor when they feel comfortable.  \

They are absurdists....a new form of humanity brought about from watching  too much television and going to psychiatrists.

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