Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ways to make children with autism laugh

We can be grateful for their teaching us what is important...and EXTRAORDINARY GIFT that many don't even think about. They may not be "angels", but they sure as hell make us better people!

When we change, when we enjoy their novel ideas instead of freaking out about what they aren't, we allow a spirit of love to abide between us, and that's what makes laughter possible. Laughter is good only when it is shared! It's name changes to JOY!

Now, this one is "iffy", and I base it on anecdotal evidence: We can show them, or imitate these people

Joy breaks barriers. There is no one who has not made me laugh so hard I cried who is not now and always will be my friend. My sweet, innocent, saintly mother makes me laugh just thinking about her making me laugh. (??) It's true! I love her madly! Maybe I should get off the web and call her...
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